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Bucket Lid (Ale Pail)

$2.65 -- Fits "Ale Pail"-style fermenter and bottling bucket

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Bucket Lid (Ale Pail) Made of the same food-grade plastic as our "Ale Pail" fermenting bucket, one style lid has a pre-drilled hole with a rubber grommet to provide a tight seal around the airlock. The other is a solid (undrilled) lid.

Purchase Bucket Lid (Ale Pail)

  • Stock #: L-5106
  • Style: Drilled and Grommetted; Plain (undrilled)

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Bucket, Bottling Style (Ale Pail) Bucket, Bottling Style (Ale Pail)

Fermenting Bucket, Plastic "Ale Pail" Fermenting Bucket, Plastic "Ale Pail"


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