Mid-American Light Lager


Stock # HBS001






  • 4-pounds light dry malt extract
  • -pound rice syrup solids
  • 1-pound corn sugar
  • 1-ounce Mount Hood hops (boil)
  • 1 pkg. Superior dry lager yeast (recommended liquid yeast: White Labs WLP802 - Czech Budejovice Lager)



Set aside -cup of corn sugar for priming. Pre-boil and chill three gallons of water. Add 1 gallons of cold water to your brew pot with the malt extract, rice syrup solids, and the remainder of the corn sugar. Raise to a boil, and set the timer for 45 minutes. Add the hops with 30 minutes remaining.


Put the pre-chilled water in a clean and sterilized fermenter. Strain the wort into the fermenter and add enough cold water to bring the volume up to 5 gallons. When the temperature of the wort falls below 80 degrees F, add the yeast. Ferment in a cool place for 10 to 15 days, or until bubbling stops.


O.G. 1.034-1.038 Alcohol Content: ~ 3.6%

F.G. 1.008-1.012


This beer is typical American Light Lager of the type brewed by famous St. Louis brew houses. It is not only indicative of Missouri beer, but part of our very economy.