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Each of these homebrew recipes involves the use of quality Coopers ingredients. Coopers is the only home brewing supplier whose extracts are manufactured by an actual brewery. In addition, each recipe uses White Labs pure liquid brewing yeast – the finest liquid yeast cultures in North America.


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·        “I Feel Better Than James”British-style brown ale, similar to Newcastle Brown

·        San Diego IPA - Developed by Lisa White, White Labs laboratory manager

·        Very Berry Honey Wheat AleA light, refreshingfruit/wheat beer, perfect for summer or for the fruit beer lover. 1st Place (fruit category) at the 1996 Brew Debut Regional Homebrewing Competition.

·        Belgian Strong Ale - Developed by Skip Virgilio of Alesmith Brewing Company

·        Mary Margaret’s House Ale - Guinness Extra Stout clone, based on a recipe developed by CAMRA

·        Coopers Un-Common Ale - California Common ale, developed by Mark Henry. A moderately-hopped, light amber beer.

·        Svend’s Popular Pilsner - Developed by Sviend Nielson. A full-bodied Pilsner with smooth hop flavor and bitterness.

·        Nationalist’s Fervor - Russian Imperial Stout, developed by Mark Henry. A very rich, full-bodied, high alcohol stout. 1st place winner in the 1996 Regionals of the AHA National Homebrew Competition.

·        Santa’s Dilemma Ale - Spiced holiday ale

·        Cal V Porter - Developed by Yuseff Cherney, Ballast Point Brewing Company, San Diego, CA

·        “A Wry Smile” - Rye Beer

·        Witless in Seattle - Belgian White Beer, developed by Mark Henry

·        Scottish Ale - Developed by Peter A’Hearn, Ballast Point Brewing Company, San Diego, CA


If you have any suggestions for a beer style you’d like to see, or have a homebrew recipe you’d like us to evaluate, please email me at with any suggestions. This page is current as of November 26, 2005   three weeks after the release of Home Brew Select® number 21 – Armistice Ale.